Understanding the "Assignment of Benefits"

If you have sustained damages to your home, please contact your carrier directly prior
to hiring a contractor.  Do not become victim to "storm chasers" that prey on
vulnerable homeowners, promising quick fixes.  Many times these contractors require
you to sign an "
Assignment of Benefits."  An assignment of benefit or AOB assigns
all rights of your claim to the contractor.  If you are unsure of what to sign, please
contact claims.  They will let you know if the verbiage in your contract is an
assignment of benefits.  Simple steps to avoid insurance scams...

-  Following a loss, call claims first.  Do not hire a contractor prior to calling claims.
-  Many carriers have preferred vendors and may be able to refer you to a contractor.
-  Never sign a document that you do not fully understand.
-  Ask the contractor directly if they use an assignment of benefits if so, walk away.
-  If you are unsure, send the unsigned contract to the claims handler.
-  Check your carriers website for information regarding claims, claims handling, your
responsibilities after a loss and further information about AOB's.